Trigger Control

Clone of Trigger Mechanics 2: Training Trigger Control on Weak Hand

Strong hand trigger finger getting tired... train the weak hand. There is research showing that training the weak hand has a benefit on skills of the strong hand.

Trigger Mechanics 3: Training Trigger Control with Multiple Shooters

This quick video shows how to logistically train multiple shooters in a trigger mechanic isolation drill.

Trigger Mechanics 4: Details of Trigger Finger Mechanics

A brief discussion of some coaching points regarding trigger mechanics.

All the other shooting skillsets of stance, grip, sight alignment and the movement elements of power, explosiveness, balance….  all of these mean nothing without trigger control.  Our trigger mechanics are the last link in the chain to ensure we can make our shot.

Tactical Fitness: American Hero Challenge Winners Show Their Training Techniques

2010 American Hero Challenge winners show how they integrate their pistolcraft with cardio training.

This training integrates SIRT training with cardiovascular work.

See video

Training Trigger Control

This is a drill where we are isolating trigger mechanics by shooting strong hand only. Also when we are moving we have to get the finger off the trigger and index the slide. We are pushing it on this drill, trying to break the shot quickly. This is very demanding on our trigger mechanics.

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