About NextLevel Training: Overview

An Interview With Mike Hughes Of NextLevel Training About The SIRT Training Pistol

Q: What does SIRT stand for? SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. Q: Why did NLT create a laser enhanced dry fire training pistol? Training is our center focus. We simply needed a better way to train more frequently and more effectively. Conventional dry firing did not provide feedback or allow consecutive shots; air soft was too noisy inside and cumbersome with reloading; and retrofits to our guns had too many drawbacks. Q: How did you craft your prototype for the SIRT? We made a first model by removing the barrel and JB welding a laser to our slide and putting in an auto-resetting trigger to our spare Glock 17’s with a modified switch engaging the trigger bar. This initial setup was merely designed for training shooting on the move. We quickly identified that the first model had much more utility and eventually we were using it for all dry firing. Further, we were dry firing more frequently and more effectively. Q: How does your dry fire training pistol offer shot verification when used properly in training. 
Visual response from the laser provides immediate and accurate feedback to determine the quality of movement. We have received inquiries regarding how the SIRT Training Pistol tracks where you shoot. Although shot tracking features will be provided in the future, such an elaborate “system” is not required for a majority of quality training. With the SIRT Pistol we found we can earn thousands of repetitions, and its instantaneous feedback corrects trigger mechanic issues immediately. Reviewing data logs of hits is simply not feasible or necessary, and takes away from actual training time. Q: What can you tell us about your patent pending trigger technology for the SIRT? When we designed the final production model of the SIRT Pistol we included the take-up indicator in the six way adjustable trigger. We quickly identified a retrofit to existing guns has way too many drawbacks. No matter how disciplined anyone is, training has to be convenient, accessible and rewarding. Once we completed the design of the SIRT Pistol to our own satisfaction, we decided to share it with the shooting community. Q: What in your background led you to create a laser enhanced dry fire training pistol? As a patent attorney and mechanical engineer, I know that simple designs are the best designs. As a grandmaster competitive shooter and ex-college football player who never missed a single practice, I also know that quality repetition and an environment conducive for training is imperative to maximize potential. Q: You have said that Darrion Hollowell is a critical member of the NLT team. What is Darrion’s background? Darrion Hollowell is a 10 year SWAT veteran and head SWAT training officer in a major metropolitan jurisdiction. Darrion needs the best training regimens and equipment possible because his life and other’s lives depend upon it. Q: Can you please summarize the most important points about the your SIRT dry fire training pistol? The SIRT Training Pistol was made by shooters for shooters. I firmly believe that the simple design provides the threshold amount of fxg. The laser feedback systems simply will not permit sloppy trigger control; the immediate feedback works. We use laser enhanced dry fire to master our pistol craft skills, and have personally witnessed our skills such as our draws, reloads, transitions, shooting on the move, all be sharpened and neurologically rooted in place when we live fire, so we can focus on recoil management. Pick up the SIRT Training Pistol and you’re training in a few minutes.