Take Your Pistolcraft to the NextLevel

NLT introduced its stand alone dry fire training pistol— the SIRT™(Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger), at Shot Show 2011. Founded by GM Production Shooter and Top Shot Season 3 runner up, Mike Hughes, NLT is revolutionizing the way shooters train with it's new dry fire training products. SIRT Training Pistols are replica guns that emit a laser when breaking the auto resetting trigger (no need to rack the slide).

Training is the foundation for excelling in pistol and rifle craft.  A majority of training involves gun handling.  SIRT Training Systems are designed for simplicity.  These inert training systems lower barriers to entry allowing  training to happen virtually anywhere. Low reoccurring cost and quick set-up make training rewarding.

LeBron James didn't need a basketball stadium to get to the top of his game, a majority of his training only required a  hoop, backboard, hard surface, a ball and commitment.  Shooters no longer need a full range to get better at pistolcraft skillsets such as:


  • draws
  • reloads
  • presenting gun on target
  • natural point of aim
  • awkward shooting positions
  • increasing overall speed and accuracy
  • acceptable sight picture/sight alignment
  • scenarios (shooting live targets with safety protocol in place)
  • target transitions
    • driving the eyes and bringing the gun on target without overtraveling
  • weapon transitions (rifle to pistol)
  • prepping the trigger at appropriate times
    • prepping when muzzle is aligned on target
    • not prepping when muzzle is not pointed at something you are willing to destroy
  • decelerating the body to a shooting position ready to shoot

Many of the above skillsets can be trained with a SIRT Training Pistol in high volume while ensuring quality of movement.  Just as you can not practice free throws on a backboard with no hoop, we need to know where the muzzle is aligned when dry firing.  The basic premise: train your skillsets nearly anywhere, and integrate these skillsets with recoil when you hit the range.

Shooters need a diagnostic training tool to identify weaknesses on our own.  Shooters are amazed at what the muzzle really does when breaking a shot.  We want dots not dashes when breaking a shot.

We have a hard working team at NLT that are committed to promote and support all pistol and rifle training.  We are committed to supporting trainers and providing training tools to facilitate quality high volume self-diagnostic training.