Scotti Files: Introduction

This is the introduction to Scotti!  The wonder girl that wants to be a USPSA Master Class shooter in 12 weeks.  Skip ahead to the  first training video to see the training in action.  See the entire Scotti Video Series as videos are added daily!

This video series will cover various training videos of training sessions that occur every Tuesday and Thursday.  This project just started 8/16/11.  The training progression will be very aggressive but yet drive through the fundamentals if grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger mechanics, breathing,  and recovery.  But the serious is unique because we focus heavily on performance and relaxation.  For example this video serious I first have Scotti focusing on the draw, but really we are working stance and grip but foundationally  we are working on relaxation and only recruiting the necessary muscles.

Take a look at the entire video list in this series and feel free to jump around topics of personal interest.  However, the series progresses in a certain manner to build foundational blocks that build upon one another.