Sgt. Don Gulla, Founder of Arrestling, Develops Defensive Tactics Training Videos

We are excited to post Sgt. Don Gulla's training videos on the website. The videos touch upon a number of topics that are primarily directed to law enforcement, but the information is valuable in other arenas. The structure of the videos is to break apart the subject matter in 1-3 minutes. The coaching tips and logistics plan are shown rather quickly, but we assume you can pause the video if you want to take note of those. Below are all the Gulla videos. Train Hard Train Smart.

Triangle Drills

The triangle drills are foundational for an introduction to shooting and moving. Sgt. Gulla shows some basic drills with progressions to integrate movement with shooting.

Precursor Strikes to Shooting

Train yourself to strike to get distance and work muscle memory to flow into a draw.

Seated Shooting

Get beyond the standard standing position to shoot on the range. Take it a step further and learn to shoot while seated.

360 Degree Shooting

Real life does not have a 180 degree line. These drills demonstrate training for a full 360 degrees of awareness.

Shooting While Falling

A foundational drill for proficiency in drawing while falling.

Gauntlet-Shooting in Crowd

These videos show drills to work on escalation of force options through the 'Gauntlet' and using this set up to train situational awareness when shooting in a crowd.

Controlling Threats

These videos show numerous drills related to controlling potential and imminent threats.

Modifying a Drill/Tactic

This is one of the most educational videos. Drill 6 above in the Controlling Threats series shows a tactic for dealing with a threat as he is falling forward, but how did this drill come about and get modified? This video is a live interaction among the Arrestling team trying to crack the code on performing better in a situation.

Safety Check

Before doing any DT training a safety check must be conducted.

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